How looking into my past lives helped me

Looking into my past lives changed my current life completely and in a way which I never expected or dreamed of. My first encounter with Past Life Regression was amazing, there is no way I could have made up what I experienced, I could ‘see’, feel and know in my … Continue reading

ABANDONMENT – Past Life Case Study

This case study was submitted by one of my graduate therapists.  I am sharing so that you can gain an idea of the type of things that can be addressed using Past Life Regression Therapy.  Both the therapist and their client will always remain anonymous.   INTENTION To find out … Continue reading

MELBOURNE EVENT 27 Feb 2014 Book Signing, Meditation and Intuitive Messages

For your FREE TICKET redemption email the code FB2702 to us at Book signing + Meditation + Messages with renowned international energy pioneer Christel Rosenkilde Christensen and Australia’s Toni Reilly.  Come along and join us for a fun and insightful evening. Christel is the Author of The Treasure: How to Change … Continue reading