What is it like to have a Past Life Regression?


Have you ever wondered how past life regression works? Actually experiencing this wonder is difficult to articulate accurately in words and to have a more robust insight it needs to be felt and experienced by the individual. Never the less, I will explain as best I can.

Past Life Regression can potentially change your life. Imagine realising your self-worth and feeling empowered, like you matter. Even stranger, imagine realizing that you. By becoming aware of what triggers your feelings, you are become the master of yourself and are able to recognise the reason for your reactions and adjust the patterns of behavior that you inadvertently developed, the ones that may be stopping you leading a fulfilling life.

Regression works by accessing your soul otherwise known as your higher self. Your soul records your past, present, future and between life memories. Your soul knows everything you have ever experienced and the many incarnations you have lived as well as what happens in the between life stages. Between lives is what I refer to as ‘home’.

This insightful, wise information is available to you and the best part is that you do not have to flick through all the files, because your soul is all knowing energy and knows which scenes or lifetimes are relevant for you to recall at any given time that you consciously set out to explore your past life memories.

Access to soul files as memories is easiest when one is in a relaxed state and the rational mind has slowed down from day-to-day busy thinking. This allows the perfect environment to recall your previous incarnations with the use of your innate sixth senses.

During regression it is possible to arrive at a memory from earlier in current life, to go back to a past life or visit the in between life area that I call home. If you are working with a great facilitator, you will be guided to allow your soul to show significant events and gather information to put the puzzle together and achieve a healing adequate and unique to each individual to improve current life in some way.

Some encounter a spiritual experience during their regression. This can mean the energy of a guide or passed over loved connects with you. Always go with what you are given as your soul knows what will benefit you most at the time and stage in life that you seek regression.

It is ideal to attend a session or sit down to meditate without expectations and with an open mind. There is nothing to worry about as the process is gentle and safe. Emotions can flow openly as healing takes hold by bringing feelings to the surface, by acknowledging them, they are no longer suppressed, denied or ignored. This enables the release of hidden emotions, trauma and even physical symptoms, cathartic responses to memories and serves simply to make you aware so that you have insight and are no longer confused about the purpose to any experience or emotions you have been navigating in life.

During regression, you may explore any period in time and be male or female. Many issues can be resolved using regression including, love, relationships, anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, recurring dreams, fertility, self-esteem, confidence, abandonment, guilt and shame, to name a few.

Some times it is a curiosity that drives a person to investigate regression, and for others they have an outright knowing of the existence of our soul. Whichever it is for you the desire to explore this side of yourself will come at the perfect time in your life.

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