Do You Have a Guide?


Have you ever considered that you have a guide? You do.  We all have one.
There is an energetic presence with you at all times during your incarnation here on Earth.  Some people “see” theirs as a bearded man in a robe, some a beautiful goddess, others an animal, the most common vision though is colour, usually in your third eye, the colour may be blobbing around like a lava lamp or simple colour, bright or vague clouding your vision.  Some never get to see, they feel.

Sensing is how many interact with their guide and once you are aware of which sense is used, you may recognise that your Guide has been around plenty and you have not even realised!

Guide energy is like a loving teacher, with kind, supportive energy which supports you unconditionally, not judging but assuring that you are never on your own down here.

If you have not encountered your guide before, you can easily, by meditating.  I will put together a guided visualisation so that you can familiarise yourself with this energy which can not be accurately described in words, it has to be experienced, to be felt.


Toni Reilly is an acclaimed regression facilitator and professional trainer who devised unique techniques. As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute she developed SoulLife Psychology, a professional qualification for intuitive practitioners. |

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