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VEIL_WebVEIL Without realising it has happened, we change, over time we develop methods and actions to cover up our true self.  For example we may feel unseen and less than worthy, the truth is we gradually withdraw ourselves.  You see if we feel misunderstood, we justify with thoughts like, “whats the point in saying, they won’t understand”.   So in order to not feel misunderstood we remove ourselves from any chance of being understood.  Reflect on if you do this and if you do, accept your role in any feeling of rejection and really look at if someone else caused you to feel this way.  Usually it was not caused by anyone else, but is a reflection of our own distorted perception of what they meant.

Toni x

How to interpret these messages.
Each time I select and post a card I receive a new intuitive message to accompany it.  If the message does not resonate on the day it is posted, that’s ok, it’s not for you at that time.  If you are browsing these posts and one or more resonate take them as guidance for you arriving at the perfect time.

The image is from my upcoming SoulLife™ Healing with Regression therapeutic deck.

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