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WATERFALL_WebTears are a magical emotional expression, they release pent up bitterness, sadness, disappointment and are shed in relief or happiness.  Some people well up easily while others rarely shed a tear.  Tears or lack of them are not an indication that someone is hard or not processing grief, they may chose to do it in private.  Tears are not an indication of weakness, those who show them are vulnerable and that takes immense strength. Reflect on how you are with tears, if you hide them, show them, feel embarrassed by them or like so many apologise for them.  If there is one thing I could encourage you to do its show your tears.  Let your  tears cascade for your children to see them, let you partner see them, let colleagues see them.  Our discomfort turns to empathy when tears flow. We are not rocks, we are soft hearted humans and it is more than ok to show it.

Toni x

How to interpret these messages.
Each time I select and post a card I receive a new intuitive message to accompany it.  If the message does not resonate on the day it is posted, that’s ok, it’s not for you at that time.  If you are browsing these posts and one or more resonate take them as guidance for you arriving at the perfect time.

The image is from my upcoming SoulLife™ Healing with Regression therapeutic deck.

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