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VORTEX_WebVORTEX Everyone covers up their own hidden struggles, deep inside where no one can see. Rather than judge yourself by comparing your achievements and personality to others take a look at the positive traits you have and how you integrate them. If you are unkind to yourself, please become aware of what you are saying and actively stop it. Each time to hear the thought, remind yourself that you are no longer putting yourself down. Soon you will stop being such a fierce self-critic. For those who put themselves down out loud, get out of the habit.  Adapt from being your own worst enemy and become your best friend.

Toni x

How to use my guidance.  Each time I select and post a card I receive a new intuitive message to accompany it.  If the message does not resonate on the day it is posted, that’s ok, it’s not for you at that time.  If you are browsing these posts and one or more resonate take them as guidance for you arriving at the perfect time.

The image is from my upcoming SoulLife™ Healing with Regression therapeutic deck.

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