The Power of Recall Regression

The Power of Recall Regression


Experiencing past life recall regression does not require an experienced or vigilant meditator. Many of my clients have never meditated prior to their session and they may never again.

There are no rules. I am not a fan of putting pressure on anyone to achieve a specific outcome, the best thing to do is relax and trust that our soul gives us what we need at the time. Not all people are visual, therefore clear vision of memories may present as strong feelings and physical effects felt within the body. Giving up control (to the relaxation) and dismissing expectations will ensure the best result.

Regression takes our conscious mind to the core of an issue, be that within a past life or current life memory. In other words, we are made aware of what is the cause of our issue and why we are affected, this is when change happens, often purely with the knowledge bought to our awareness.

If we are to receive an energetic tune up or reminder of what we are here doing (on earth) we might be honoured with a visit home: Home is where we are a pure soul, without the limitations of a body, some describe this area as between lives.

My passion is to eliminate fear and misguided representation of emotional work. In order to be a great facilitator the most important traits and experience are self-awareness so that we do not follow the very natural human tendency to put our own ‘stuff’ onto our clients.  What may be the best course of action for the therapist could be the opposite for the other person.

Being a professional or a perceived expert does not override another persons inner knowing. I want people to know that.  We do not have to give our power up to any specialist, if it does not feel right, then it probably isn’t.  Our own guidance and intuition is the strongest indicator we posses, innately built-in with our individual best interests at the forefront at all times. Trust it.

Kindness, compassion, patience and above all a recognition of ourselves and what makes us tick or ticks us off is cruicial – Knowing this does not mean we are trouble free, on the contrary, there is not one single person here who is free of lessons to learn.  We all have issues and being genuine and honest with ourselves and others is important.

Dogmatic, rule based, fearful, sometimes ego driven approaches to working with peoples’ emotional turmoil and healing is outdated and is disempowering for the person seeking growth.  Emotional outbursts are cathartic, they release deep-seated feelings, ones which we’ve hidden deep within for years, sometimes a lifetime and releasing them may cause tears, even sobbing, withdrawal to reflect and physical side effects such as diarrhoea.  Healing is liberating regardless of how it weaves its magic.

No one here on earth is better, higher or more or less advanced than any one else, we are simply all here doing different things.

Toni Reilly

  • Beljeet
    Posted at 00:03h, 04 December

    I am interested in learning the techniques of past life regression, hypnosis and counselling. Is there any course you can recommend to me that’s earlier than your specified dates?

    • Toni Reilly
      Posted at 22:10h, 04 December

      Hi this is the only one I am running in 2016. Would you like me to email you more information?

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