Past Life Therapy Session with Toni Reilly

A friend had been to see Toni for a Past Life Regression Session & strongly recommended I have one as well. I’ve never really thought that past lives were really connected to our present life time experiences so I’ve always been quite skeptic about the whole concept. Anyway having vowed I would make changes in certain areas of my life I remained opened to the session. Practice what I preach & go outside of my comfort zone. Besides I had seen profound & very fast changes in my friend’s life.

Having my session with Toni, my goodness profound is merely an understatement to say the least.

I went to Toni as I wanted to clear past negative conditioning & blocks to receiving money that have seemed to have recently come up. During the session we whizzed through quite a few life times. It felt surreal as I was really there living my day to day life. I could hardly believe it was really me I was seeing & feeling in each scenario. Every scene felt incredibly familiar, that de ja vu feeling. Toni asked me in each regression if I recognized anyone in each life time. Sure enough the people around me in each life time were familiar to people I knew & currently know. whoa.. now this was really strange. I felt safe & not scared at all just curious & in awe of what was happening. Even some of the negative patterns of this life time I could see were playing themselves out in the past lives.

There was one particular life that really stood out from all the others. I was in a wheel chair, I was a male in his early to mid 20’s & I couldn’t move a muscle. It was as if in that life time I merely existed. I couldn’t walk, talk, communicate except with my eyes, couldn’t go to the bathroom etc.. I was completely dependent on my family for everything. Toni asked me why did I choose this life. My response was that I needed a rest. I had been so busy in previous lives & will be just as busy in future lives & that I just needed to take a rest in that particular life. Toni asked more questions & my lesson was receiving unquestionable & unconditional love from everyone around me. There was one scene where we were all in the lounge room/living room. I had quite a few brothers & sisters & we were all gathered together, my mother & father included. It was such a happy family & everyone genuinely loved & cared for each other very much. I had a very deep connection with my mother & she could read my mind. I could understand everyone & everything going on around me. I just couldn’t communicate anything back through speech or actions only through eye contact but that really didn’t matter because I could feel what was true.

In this same scene my mother looked at me & I felt my heart opening like a lotus flower. We communicated a depth & feeling of unconditional love that is still something I still cannot properly describe. Have I ever felt that before? Interestingly enough yes I felt this exact same feeling only 2 weeks prior with someone new I connected with.

What about the money you may ask after all that is why I went along. All of that is changing too. I learnt on deeper levels than even before that everything is created from a space of unconditional love. Everything. Yes I knew this on superficial levels. Now I understand this on profound & deeper levels within my soul than ever before.

I am now earning money in different ways than before. The type of people I have been used to working for & with are gradually falling away. New people are coming into my life who are genuinely supporting & encouraging me now. They are fully in alignment with my values & vision so everything is becoming so much easier because I am clearer.

I have been blessed to form some new friendships which are developing a depth that I absolutely love & adore.

The session feels as if it has allowed me to give myself permission to give & receive love like never before in this life time. Give & receive love in new ways with family & friends. I am especially looking forward to exploring as well giving & receiving the depths of love in an intimate relationship like never before.

It is a feeling of phenomenal freedom. No more internal struggle.

A few months on now & I am still digesting it all, actually no I am accepting this as my new way of being & the way my life is now, will always be. There are no internal struggles for freedom anymore. I am free. I will always be free. I am love & I love myself unconditionally. -Julie-Ann, Brisbane