Specialising is key to being a successful SoulLife™ practitioner

Specialising is key to being in demand and successful as a SoulLife™ practitioner.

There is no denying, that evolving into a respected, sought after holistic practitioner takes time and perseverance.

Building a client base, even if only one session is required, ensures your success. A person, by human nature, will talk to others about their session and those people will talk as well. When the time is right, that person's friends, family or colleagues are likely to seek out your services too. Word of mouth is the best form of referral.

People only reach out when they have a reason to. It is up to you to provide a service geared specifically toward their need.

soullife practitioner with clientInitially you may not be clear on which area you wish to focus on, though it is important that you do. How will you know what to specialise in?” Well, the more clients you see, the clearer your preferred area of expertise becomes. By universal default, clients will be drawn to you from a certain demographic or continually approach you with a particular issue. Look for signs directing you to a particular niche.

Alternatively you may feel especially passionate about a certain emotional challenge or physical hindrance. Let us say you or someone close to you struggled with fertility; that experience might be a catalyst, propelling you to help others in that area.

Similarly, being personally affected or associated with any of the endless physical, emotional or mental possibilities that people are faced with in life can lead you to your area of focus. Consider anxiety, depression, anger, sensitivity, love, grief, confidence, phobias, relationships, cancer, terminal illness, lethargy or guidance.

Choosing one or two specialties based on personal passion ensures you develop a solid reputation as an expert in your field.

To encourage potential clients, always remember, they want to know what you can do for them. It is paramount to state clearly how you can assist them. Apply this rule to your website, business cards, brochures and all advertising material. Elaborate elsewhere details of who you are, your qualifications and techniques on your website.

The draw card to your services always comes back to; what can you do for me? People are less concerned with the list of modalities you have studied.

Rapport with clients coupled with your preferred techniques becomes your defining difference when targeting an area of focus. When a client leaves a session feeling lighter, there is triumph and they will talk to others about their experience with you.


Toni Reilly developed SoulLife™ Psychology visionary intuitive healing techniques and philosophies for well-being practitioners and personal development to enhance innate sixth sense and overcome and heal physical, emotional and mental obstacles at the core.