Other things have stuck with me

Other things have stuck with me. Severe weather, especially April 27, 2011. I will never forget that event. SeaCity Museum good example, if it was going to be moved from Old Wool house at all why was it not designed and built as a real crowd puller, real attraction with Animatronics, Scenes etc etc (Dickens World Chatham Docks, I travelled from Southampton to go there and was not disappointed). SeaCity OK, but a Very average mediocre display/effort for newly built attraction and then they wonder why not getting Visitor numbers wanted through the door? The Light Show when West Quay opened was good, why don't we have one all year, different stories for different times of year, attract people rather than them going to Gunwharf or elsewhere. We have got the Disco Lights on Grand Harbour Roundabout walls I suppose! Wow! If SCC think extending West Quay has done the job, well it's still streets behind places like Bull Ring and Trafford Centre. Southampton has so much potential and yet so many opportunities missed by SCC, got the money to spend where they want to, before someone says. Another 600 Residents (albeit 450 Students) to get into/out of Southampton. Is infrastructure being updated/improved, doubt it! With Odd Coffee Shop below, a real wow factor for centre of Southampton, not.

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