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Let your eye be drawn to an image which resonates then read the intuitive guidance.



This calls for a labour of love and focus on basic activities at the moment.  Perhaps someone needs your help, such as filling in an application, service the car, clear out cupboards, prepare the tax return. You are not being pulled away from other priorities, these everyday ones are what are most important right now.


Inner peace is yours, feeling serene will not last for long so enjoy it while it lasts, you need this to be ready for the next spike of creative flow. Meditate, relax or do something quiet, like watch a film.  Drama is not your thing, if you have been reeled in, extract from it now.



The energy of the moment is to adjust positions of obligation, outdated mindset or any format used as an excuse not to act.  Your mission is calling stronger than ever right now, trust the pull and go with it by revamping a past project or beginning to make the vision evolve.


Please share.  Any time the message resonates, is the right time to receive it.

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Toni x

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