Intuition is standard issue

We all have the ultimate mentor and guidance built in, at our disposal at any given moment, with our best interests being the top priority. Learn to notice guided thoughts and body reactions and you will rarely go wrong. Usually I live by this, however when we are emotional and distracted we can forget to listen. | #SoulLifePsychologyI paid recently with anxiety and inconvenience for not listening… Last week I was in New Zealand to send off a young friend and I felt sad and feeling rattled by it when I drove back to the airport in the rental car for my return flight to Australia. I parked the vehicle and walked off rolling my luggage and heard the thought “check the car, something is left in there”…
I did not go back. That was the second notice I received and | #SoulLifePsychology
Meanwhile inside the airport I checked in and went all the way through customs and was making my way to the gate to wait to board the plane when I stopped to make a purchase only to discover that my purse was not in my handbag! I’d left it on the passenger seat of the rental car when I stopped to fill it with fuel, and as I placed it on the seat I had the thought to put my purse back into my handbag. I ignored it.
My penance for ignoring my guidance twice meant I was faced with the arduous process of reversing my way out of the airport back through customs to return to the rental car and retrieve it, all the time hoping it was still there. The airport staff were incredibly helpful at every port but the angst I felt at being in a foreign country without money and the possibility of loosing my credit card and other daily life contents was stressful right up until I made my way back to the vehicle and collected my purse from where I left it. Phew. Relief. I set off, purse in hand to recheck in and make my way through customs… Luckily there was enough time.
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