Interpret your own body language

My body is communicating with me, this week I was taken down by a chest infection, sore throat and cough and have lost my voice, so in line with what I preach, I checked each symptom in the metaphysical dictionary, AGAIN. You can interpret your own body language too.

Interpret your own body language

There is no revelation or denying what these symptoms vigorously point out to me. My physical health always fits with what is happening in my life at the time. This time there is nothing in the dictionary saying “take it easy” – the messages are more direct. My body is reminding me of longstanding guilt and a necessity to voice my feelings. I have to take responsibly for my actions or I will fall back into old patterns, which rendered me oppressed in the past, and that in itself is the catch 22 for continuing the passiveness. Yeeesh… we have a slow learner here!

The process of overcoming life challenges is ongoing and it is relentless in pursuit of legitimate happiness and contentment.


This year seems to be intensifying because it is, as it nears the end of the universal energy of change to prepare us for our hard earned new beginnings.


Notice how this year man things have or continue to fall away, people, attitudes, homes, jobs and relationships to name a few. Out of the blue occurrences are rarely the case when we know the background details; In the case of a relationship which ends, these are much more intricate behind the scene than the people involved show to the rest of us, no matter how close we are to them.

Personally, we are being pushed to the limit to react differently than we always have.  Physical symptoms through our health are body language.  Interpret them to move out of our comfort zone, that is the only way to free ourselves from guilt, humiliation, anger, disappointment and sadness. When these changes are taking place for family or friends rather than you, the onus still remains with you to react differently. Reflect on the situation: Do you enable them to lean to hard on you, to feel victimized or get too involved? Perhaps it is time to pull back and allow them to be responsible for their choices and actions. Listen, but resist giving advice no matter how well meaning.

The pressure is on to alter our ways. We are capable of complying, though it requires us to resist the way we usually react and replace with a different approach.

Cyber hugs for all as these may be the only momentary reprieve from a deeper look at our fears.

Keep going, we are all in this together.
Toni ox

PS How are you going with this energetic forceful shift?  Have you noticed similarities in your life?  Comments are welcome.

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