How Past Lives Changed my Life

Looking into my past lives changed my current life completely and in a way which I never expected or dreamed of. My first encounter with Past Life Regression was amazing, there is no way I could have made up what I experienced, I could ‘see’, feel and know in my session and all this was new to me. My first regression is an experience I will never forget. I went for my session with three issues to address. They were:

1. If I am ‘psychic‘ why do I not know this? I had been told during readings many times that I was warble to do what they did as well, and further, that I would. I thought it impossible that I would be working as an intuitive as I had a specific perception of what being psychic was and how it worked. My perception could not have been further from the reality.

2. Why do I cover my writing so that people can not read it? All through school I covered my page with my hand so that no one could read what I was writing. It was not to stop cheating, I could not stand the thought that they might read what I was writing.

3. Why can I not speak in front of people? Although I am not shy and I am extremely social, if I had to speak and be the centre of attention, even in front of my immediate family I would heat up from my feet right to my head and feel as though I would pass out.

First, I saw myself as a kind, young lady of 17. People would come to the little cottage I lived in and I saw that I put my hands over theirs (not touching) and talked to them, guidance is what is appeared to be. They left with hope. The locals had been alerted inadvertently by my little brother, to what I was doing. Next I saw myself on a platform set up to hang me in public, in the middle of my village. I was 19 years old.

This addressed the fear around using my intuitive ability. I understood that I would not be killed for working in this way in current life and from then my ability opened up and flowed tenfold.

In the second lifetime, I regressed to, I was a man in my early 40’s in the 1700’s. A successful business man, the town mayor, and a writer. I could see me writing with a quill and ink in a leather bound book. I was a philanthropist writing about the ways of the world and the people in it. I felt I also wrote down predictions which I was able to see coming. I envisioned a storm coming and called a public meeting where I warned the town people about a big storm that was coming that would damage our town with wild winds and torrential rain causing major flooding. I told them so we could prepare and save ourselves. This alerted them to other things I was writing. I went from being revered as a highly respected man to being seen as a mad man. I was put in jail and was kept there into my 70’s.

This lifetime, cleared my fear of people reading what I had written and my fear of public speaking. Perfect timing as my work from then on was and still is public speaking, teaching large and small groups, working with clients using guidance and intuition.

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