Free lessons and exercises

Free LessonsThe posts will feature exercises to develop your sixth senses, to understand the difference between the energies, all to enhance and embrace your innate intuition and senses and put them into practice in daily life.

Some areas that we will cover are excerpts from the SoulLife™ Courses.

SoulLife™ Senses and Energies
Look out for exercises to develop your sixth senses plus descriptions.  Also understand the difference between the energies.

SoulLife™ Blueprint
The date that you were born and the name you were given hold detailed information for the life that you planned to live. I’ll post practice exercises for you to learn.

SoulLife™ Colour
Colour holds an energy and meaning of it’s own, get to know your assimilation with colour.

SoulLife™ Cards
Learn to read tarot and oracle cards or any image for that matter with your intuition to incorporate it as guidance for yourself or others.

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