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SoulLife™ Leadership an intuitive approach for working women Retreat Program

April 18, 2018 - April 20, 2018

Self management leads to great leaders ...


When you are operating at capacity personally you are an empowered individual who ripples positive energy through the workplace increasing performance.  SoulLife™ Leadership assists you to be aware of your innate traits, strengths and challenges so you can use them to your advantage.

Our focus ...

Conscious Leadership

Discovering your strengths and challenges

Reclaiming personal power

Building self-esteem

Personality management


Self Management

Grief and loss

Overcoming trauma and stress


Suppressed emotions


Intuition & Energy

Frame of reference

Enhancing sixth sense

Understanding intuition & instincts

Energetic connections

You'll be surprised by how this program makes you feel different from the inside out.

Leave with a calmer approach to work life and a powerful perspective on leadership.

Get ready to enjoy a more calm, balanced work environment through self management.


What to expect from SoulLife Leadership

Our group is a collective mentor. Encouraging you to get to know yourself through awareness of your individual innate traits, strengths and challenges.

Resistance creates an internal emotional battle resulting in lowered self-esteem, disruptive reactions and for some, physical symptoms.

By working with our personal mainframe, not against, it becomes natural to operate at peak capacity.

Our class size is intimate to ensure you receive plenty of nurturing, mentoring and practice. We've kept the numbers limited given the nature of inner discovery ensures you bond with your fellow participants during the many exercises and discussions.

You'll work with your own psyche to understand who you are to clear anything holding you back.

Participants have said they feel like they belong.  Being around like minded people makes them feel understood, accepted and supported.

Peeling back the defensive layers we subconsciously wrapped around ourselves is how we regain control of our life.

Break through during
SoulLife™ Leadership

Improve your leadership skills

Manage anxiety

Reset personal boundaries

Stop people pleasing

Reduce worry and stress

Build your confidence

Increase intuition

Value yourself

Improve your relationships

Alter reactive behaviour

Discover your purpose

Feel happier and content


Grief and loss, heartbreak, ill health, and other life traumas take their toll on you, and your colleagues.

Accelerate your break through to a cohesive work environment with the SoulLife™ Leadership Program.

Join me in Australia
Gold Coast 20-22 April  2017

Places are limited, book now to avoid disappointment.

To discuss call Toni on 0413 088 970
Email info@tonireilly.com.au


Gold Coast, Queensland Australia


Toni Reilly
+61 413 088 970