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SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner Diploma

September 4 - September 10

Toni Reilly's visionary SoulLife™ Coaching Practitioner Diploma program is the only certified intuitive professional training course of its kind in the whole World.  To be a great Holistic Practitioner you benefit from a delicate balance of skills, techniques, compassion and mindset.

The program takes you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As you explore different techniques, methods and modalities, you’ll begin to master how to stay present without falling into the emotion of the moment. You become a relaxed, competent, and confident Holistic Practitioner... fully equipped and prepared to handle anything your client is ready to deal with.

  • Specialise in Regression Therapy and SoulLife Exploration
  • Be an Intuitive Counsellor
  • Be a Professional Intuitive Coach
  • Increase and use your Intuition
  • Help others discover their life purpose

Transform lives as a SoulLife™ Practitioner

Our diploma is unique and modern,  it is aimed at those who feel drawn to work with people to assist them to improve lead a fulfilling life.

The content is interactive and experiential so you’ll feel more comfortable transforming personally and professionally.  We believe self-awareness is as important for the practitioner as for those who seek guidance.

This professional training is designed to bring out the best in you so that you are able to effectively work with people on an individual basis, rather than boxing and labelling them as some western modalities tend to.

Feeling confused, or in emotional turmoil does not mean people are mentally ill, it is more likely they are struggling to integrate and understand their life circumstances.  As a qualified SoulLife™ Practitioner the potential to facilitate life changing results is great.

We pride ourselves on practical, real world application for replicatable real life results.

Our Program

The intuition module teaches the senses and energies, as well as knowing how to use intuitive tools. This module explores techniques and methods with Colour, Cards and Symbols and more. Explore intuition for your own personal development and for use as therapy.

Discover how innate psychological make up is affected by life lessons and the wounds a soul agrees to potentially overcome.  Determine individual traits, strengths and challenges using the energy of numbers.

Listening and getting to the core of what the issue is without interfering or placing your own values onto your client is key.  Use language in a way that takes the responsibility away from the counsellor and puts it back to the client.

Recalling memories from Past life, Present life, SoulLife and Between life facilitation is a profound way to connect with the soul to access physical, emotional and psychological healing. This module is intuitive and spiritual, not clinically based. It includes practical content and experiential training through observation, personal experience, and facilitating regression for others.

Here we explore the physical and emotional connection to health and wellbeing. Establish a bond  and discover the power of the pendulum and integrate it as a practitioner.

Incorporating healing tools and energy is essential to become a successful holistic practitioner.

We'll touch on basic Business practice so you can move forward to establish your Holistic Practice.

Detailed program and course content here.

What’s next?

To fulfil your dream to be a professional healer, reader, counsellor, past life regression therapist, wellbeing practitioner or to increase your own intuitive abilities to support your personal journey, but have been put off by how out there some training can be, then the Toni Reilly Institute is for you.

Secure your place now!

There is no better time to uncover your hidden talents and start to live the life you are destined to live. Begin living your dream!


To become a successful SoulLife™ Practitioner


Toni Reilly
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Potts Point, NSW 2011 Australia
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