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Intuitive guidance : Practical | Harmony | Vision

Let your eye be drawn to an image which resonates then read the intuitive guidance.


This calls for a labour of love and focus on basic activities at the moment.  Perhaps someone needs your help, such as filling in an application, service the car, clear out cupboards, prepare the tax return. You are not being pulled away from other priorities, these everyday ones are what are most important right now.


Inner peace is yours, feeling serene will not last for long so enjoy it while it lasts, you need this to be ready for the next spike of creative flow. Meditate, relax or do something quiet, like watch a film.  Drama is not your thing, if you have been reeled in, extract from it now.


The energy of the moment is to adjust positions of obligation, outdated mindset or any format used as an excuse not to act.  Your mission is calling stronger than ever right now, trust the pull and go with it by revamping a past project or

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Energy is extra potent when you are the product


Article: Energy is Extra Potent When You are the Product

Published: Holistic Bliss July 2016


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The destructive energy of hate


Article: The Destructive Energy of Hate

Published: Holistic Bliss May 2016Article_May16

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Where has all the Laughter gone?


Article: Where has all the Laughter Gone?

Published: Holistic Bliss Dec-Jan 2015


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Perfection does not really exist

PERFECT is a perception marred by every single individual’s frame of reference and personal preference. Relieve yourself of self-imposed live up to this unattainable goal. Replace by viewing your attempts and achievements positively as you most likely would were they someone else’s.

1.act of absolving; a freeing from blame or guilt; release from consequences, obligations, or penalties
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#SoulLifePsychology #forgive #bekindtoyourself #keepitreal  #confidence #stopthepressure #kindness#perfect

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Shine in your unique way

shineyouruniquewayTrying to emulate anyone else will never be as rewarding as developing ourselves and concepts in our own unique way.

Copying is supposed to be flattering, whereas inspiration is visionary.

It is so important to acknowledge how individual we are, it is hard work attempting to be like someone else.  Why? Because it goes against our innate internal settings making it difficult and impossible to uphold long term.

By accepting and working with our insecurities and strengths we become uniquely amazing is how we truly SHINE.

Toni xo

#SoulLifePsychology #anewway #SoulLifePhilosophy #personalgrowth #selfawareness

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Our lives always transpire in perfect order

During meditation with my development group about 5 or 6 years ago I heard a song. It was an old song, one I knew, it was so clear, I shared what happened with the group.  At that time I was working on a documentary and assumed it was to be used in that. It wasn’t for that project. It is for another one, which was underway, though in the early stages.


Following that meditation, I researched the song, playing it hundreds of times. I knew I would meet the artist, and creative flow would transpire to use his powerful music, created by him around the time I was born in 1971.

Our lives always transpire in perfect order. 

Now we have met. This man is wise and knowing.
Creativity is closely aligned with intuition with inspiration streaming via the same source. We discussed, among other things, that one particular song; which I long ago deciphered what this

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Grief the individual essential process

We never really know what it’s like unless we are in another persons metaphorical shoes. Even when we experience the same thing; our reaction may be totally different.

Showing compassion to others and ourselves when we are going through stuff is essential.

Just this week, a woman whom I barely know, was looking teary.  She told me her Mother passed four weeks ago, and she was struggling , adjusting seemed to be amplified as her Mother lived with the family for the last ten years so reminders of her not being there were constant. She told me she could not stop crying, even at work her tears were flowing out of control. She kept insisting “I should stop”, “I should get on with things”.

No, there is no should or shouldn’t.  Grief is a normal process, it can not be hurried or controlled, it has to be felt despite how we have been indoctrinated to cover up our emotions and fit back into fast paced daily

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An interview with me about Past Life Regression

Watch this interview with me from early in 2013. Some of the details regarding training have changed however it will shed insight into past life regression. Time for an update, I know. I am working on filming new material now, so there will be up to date footage coming soon. The basis of regression never changes, it is mainly my hair and details for training.

You can check out training here

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It’s never about the story

To introduce and follow through towards profound change, it is imperative that we look beyond the exterior. Any story that we tell, out loud or in our mind is merely a placeholder until we stop telling it.  We only stop telling it when we’ve made peace with what happened.

Think about daily conversations when people share deep or mundane experiences.  Like, what happened on the weekend; an argument with their sister; what happened to their friend; what they saw on television; they may be stories from long ago that you’ve heard or spoken of many times.

“She did that on purpose to make me…!”
“Dad used to…”
“My partner said …”

Even when these excerpts finish positive, they have invoked an emotional reaction from the person telling them which in turn affects their behaviour. I’ll give examples.

“My Dad used to sit me on his lap and read to me” – this memory might feel secure, loved or worthwhile.

“My Dad

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