Betrayal and how it affects you

CAVE_WebBETRAYAL If your worst fear is of being betrayed by someone, then with out even realising, the natural reaction is to betray first.  It offers a feeling of having protected yourself, like you avoided being let down.  And even then there is usually a perceived reason to feel betrayed by them to justify the behaviour.  It is a round-about that can keep those who do this in a cycle in which they view people as letting them down when they may not have ever really have done so.  Have you ever done this?  Of course there are times when you may have legitimately been betrayed.  Other times when the perception of a betrayal is nothing but warped reality.

Think of a scenario where two friends go out and meet someone and one of you is interested in him/her.  The new someone may turn out to be interested in the other one.  Your friend goes off his/her tree, accusing you of betraying them.  The truth is no one was betrayed in this scenario.  The new person is drawn to who they are drawn to, that is out of your control.  This scene will be tainted with betrayal if the new person is interested in you and your friend sets out to pursue them knowing there is interest on both sides.  Love is only one area betrayal plays out.  Be mindful if you do this or have it done to you.

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How to interpret these intuitive guidance messages.
Each time I select and post a card I receive a new intuitive message to accompany it.  If the message does not resonate on the day it is posted, that’s ok, it’s not for you at that time.  If you are browsing these posts and one or more resonate take them as guidance for you arriving at the perfect time.

The image is from my upcoming SoulLife™ Healing with Regression therapeutic deck.

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