The balance between theory and practice was great

Last year I was looking at doing Past Life Facilitation training. I compiled a list of possibilities, and Toni Reilly just seemed the right option. I liked the fact that there was no pressure applied, and I had payment options.  During the training, I found Toni to be warm, funny and very approachable. The balance between theory and practice was great.  The assessment component allowed us to explore our skills even further, and the reading material was very interesting.  I did more than the required sessions on family and friends and I loved every bit of it! This has also allowed me to work on my meditation techniques, which I deliver in my classes.  One profound lesson being that, relaxation can take any form. We are only limited by our imagination.   The results of my assessments were delivered very quickly as well! Now my tool box is complete and I am ready to deliver to the world. – Batia Grinblat,  Inner Enlightenment Pty Ltd, Melbourne

The clarity of the course content and teachings were excellent

Toni is an amazing, gifted and inspiring teacher.  I have done several courses with her and all of them have exceeded my expectations.  The clarity of the course content and teachings were excellent and very easy to understand and follow.  Thank you so much Toni!  – Sophie, Sydney

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