The way you counsel others is also turned around

I went through the counseling course in 2013.  It was such an intense course, especially when you are ready to take yet another hard look at yourself…not in the mirror, but deep inside…look at your true self & the barriers you have created for yourself.

I have over the years worked on myself, but there is always more to be done.  And there is that one course you do, that challenges you at the right time and allows you to see YOU, ACCEPT YOU as you are, not as others want you to be or as you want others to perceive you!

If you are open & willing, mostly honest with yourself, this course is magical.  Not magical as it all comes easily but magical as through intense emotions and hard work, you get it! At the end of it, it falls into place in your heart, your head and your life.

Best of all, it stays with you afterwards, as you tend to fall back into old habits, something reminds you to switch your thinking and embrace the situation.

The way you counsel others is also turned around.  You don’t sit there telling people how to feel and what to do.  Instead you empower them by them coming to their solution and realizing that all experiences are to be lived and not judged.  Vanessa, Melbourne.

The 5 days spent training with Toni was the catalyst of change in my life

For a long time I did not identify with myself and was plagued by reoccurring patterns of behaviour and similar experiences.  After many years of searching and learning different modalities in Self Development and Natural Therapies, I heard of  “Toni Reilly” and her Past Life Regression Training.

Whilst I was nervous at what one may uncover, exploring my Past Lives, I reminded myself of a saying made famous by Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living!”  So I decided to Start Living!

The 5 days spent training with Toni was the catalyst of change in my life.  I learnt that being out of my comfort zone was an incredible way to realise my true potential, and expand , not only  my knowledge but my capabilities in every aspect of my life.

Toni’s method of training is heartfelt, practical and actionable, it aligns your lesson with your mission!  She utilises the most amazing resources, one’s bravery, vulnerability and dedication to raise awareness to discover your “Authentic Self”.  Toni Reilly is a rare gem, with a commitment to teaching, awareness and transformation.  The support doesn’t end when the training is complete, she makes it her personal passion that we succeed in the development of our sense of self.

I recommend this training to anyone who is on a path of personal growth and transformation, to help the self before helping others.  Any form of development and increased awareness at any depth is growth and progress. – Cobina, Brisbane

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