About Toni Reilly

Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist. She is the creator of SoulLifePrograms Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation.

For eleven years Toni has been helping people just like you overcome emotional bruises and live with purpose, confidence, love and healthy relationships.

A self-starter, Toni joined the work force at 15 and explored employment in a number of different industries. She taught herself software development with great success. She has a natural ability to see what is needed and is able to work out a way to give it to people.

She is the proud mother of 3 children who are teenagers now.

Her life changing moment came when she experienced the breakdown of her marriage. It jolted open her awareness to her life path. She explored meditation and psychic development. Within a short amount of time, she was working professionally as a psychic reader in a crystal shop in Brisbane.

Toni was encouraged by her meditation teacher to read the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss. She devoured the book in record time. The book spoke to her and opened up a new life pathway for her. She was curious to see if Past Life Regression could work on a few phobias she had. The result was quick and profound! It became clear to Toni she had found a powerful way to help herself and others.

Toni trained as a Past Life Therapist in Melbourne and began working with clients. Her new passion lead her to New York to train with Dr. Brian Weiss himself. She developed a deeper understanding of the technique and unique methods on how to apply it to everyday life.

When she returned to Australia, she founded the Toni Reilly Institute which specialises in modern spiritual development, which is intrinsically weaved with soul searching and discovering how you personally tick. Toni is passionate about demystifying and bringing spirituality into the main stream. When you meet Toni, you’ll instantly notice how down to earth and “real” she is. She is walking her talk which makes her a great role model and a true inspiration to others.

She has also trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK which specialises in mediumship and psychic studies and development. Toni uses her natural intuitive abilities to help her students blossom in her courses. She meditates regularly to nurture her knowledge and skills.

Her “never say never” philosophy has seen Toni go from strength to strength. Australia’s best kept secret is now internationally recognised and in popular demand. Unsurprisingly, Toni Reilly is Australia’s leading Past Life Regression and Spiritual Development Teacher.

"I remember how daunting it was when I first started soul searching, with so much conflicting sometimes scary information around, there is nothing to fear"

Toni created SoulLife™ Coaching, visionary techniques and methods complimentary to clinical psychology and mainstream counselling.  Toni’s trademark professional training teaches therapists to encompass her unique profound healing techniques developed through her experience working with clients and groups.  As the Director, course developer and main instructor of the Toni Reilly Institute, she delivers workshops and seminars to audiences across Australia and Internationally in Denmark, United States, India and United Kingdom.

Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni's success in the wellbeing industry making her a great role model to her clients and students, with many of her students becoming highly respected Holistic Practitioners.

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Toni is propelled by the passionate knowledge that personal responsibility ripples out and brings change throughout humanity is actively working on projects to ensure this information is out there to be received.  While travelling the globe presenting workshops, seminars and teaching her visionary courses Toni shares her insights and life stories.  You can follow her on social media.

I am leading a life of wonder, rising from a mainstream life of obscurity, full time work with a husband and three children to building a profile using my guidance and information downloads.  I've traveled the world both to train myself and to present my workshops, sharing my discoveries, philosophy, and training clients all around the world.


I am living proof that magical outcomes are possible no matter what our circumstances.  I finished school at the age of 14, began working, married, divorced, raised three children on my own earning less than minimum wage and still I blossomed personally and embraced the wisdom within to create work so rewarding that it never feels like I am.


I am blessed to have met and worked with many incredible people, high profile therapists, researchers and creatives who made inroads to visionary awareness of the afterlife and reincarnation.  The synchronicity that accommodates events and meetings every day is nothing short of miraculous.


I believe that my life was set, planned and part of my philosophy for life is based around what I know now but did not know then.  Certain people arrived in my realm to assist me to spread my message that each and every one of us is here with a purpose, no less beneficial or important than another.


Incredible as it seems, I achieved strong repoar with my clients right from the first person who came for guidance and past life regression. People felt at ease in my presence and they shared their deep feelings, fears, traumatic experiences, infidelities and every other experience of life, including some I'd never considered.  The trust that they placed in me assisted me to gather in-depth research, not from statistics documented by someone else, but first hand, I delved deep into the psyche of people to discover we are not very dissimilar to each other.


It was crucial to my personal development and philosophies that I work through my own emotional layers.  By realising what my fears were and conquering them, what I discovered, explained passiveness to my own detriment in my love relationships.  My personal insights into who I was, came in thick and fast and initially I wondered how much was wrong with me!  Given that at the time I embarked on this direction in my life, I truly believed that I did not have any issues.  Ha!  Once I began to meditate regularly, I was confronted with one internalised issue after the other.  I had no choice but to face up, and I continue to now even ten years later.  Awareness is the greatest gift to the human psyche and it arrives at the perfect time in our universal plan. 


I hope that I've nailed my life challenges at least for the most part, though I am certain we never stop developing, and we will continue to be tested periodically throughout our life, to check if we have mastered our challenges.  


I've ascertained that we are all here experiencing life, no one is a guru, not even those who have influence over others. Sure we benefit from mentoring and guidance, still, the bottom line is we have an intelligent all knowing guru within us, with our best interests foremost at all times.  


My greatest passion is that we comprehend and be personally responsible for the energy we emit as the foundation for living. There is no person on earth, in my opinion, whose soul is more or less advanced than another, we are simply here doing different things in the school of life.  Each and every one of us has a role to play, invoking feelings and reactions in others as they do the same for us.  All souls are part of unconditional universal source, where in our energetic form we are pure and have nothing to hide.  


I believe we are here to experience emotion and we are encouraged to enjoy the pleasures that being in a physical body facilitates.  Human touch is pleasurable, a hug or intimacy are treasures in life along with taste.  We devour food and drink as we do not require these things when we leave our body. Scent and the wonders of mother nature and our amazing planet are all available for us to enjoy.  


Enlightened is what our soul is.  We are not striving to attain what we already are.  Our wise all knowing soul energy is there  to connect with, to assist during our navigation through life.  In our human form, I believe that enlightenment develops as acceptance of life, by becoming tolerant of others and living genuinely, honouring our feelings and the challenging sides of our own character traits and the personalities of those around us. I've observed how many labels are placed on people in modern society which I recognise are misdiagnosed, sometimes out of genuine lack of awareness of the energetic realms where we are from.


So PLEASE, remember LIFE matters, make the most of it and enjoy all the wonderful things it offers us.  Have FUN, enjoy touch, conversation, and lighten up.  Life has beautiful wondrous experiences to embrace. KEEP it REAL.  Eat, drink, touch, swear, dance, sing and wear what you want ... Just live! Be kind to yourself and others.  Embrace the ups and downs, make peace with your past and the future will be brighter.

Sharing my stories with you all expands my heart.




Toni is regularly featured in the media,  with her published articles, expertise, and interviews.

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