Our lives always transpire in perfect order

During meditation with my development group about 5 or 6 years ago I heard a song. It was an old song, one I knew, it was so clear, I shared what happened with the group.  At that time I was working on a documentary and assumed it was to be used in that. It wasn’t for that project. It is for another one, which was underway, though in the early stages.
Following that meditation, I researched the song, playing it hundreds of times. I knew I would meet the artist, and creative flow would transpire to use his powerful music, created by him around the time I was born in 1971.

Our lives always transpire in perfect order. 

Now we have met. This man is wise and knowing. RussellMorrisBW
Creativity is closely aligned with intuition with inspiration streaming via the same source. We discussed, among other things, that one particular song; which I long ago deciphered what this ingenious artist implied with his lyrics… turns out my perception is different, the blessing being, his depiction and delivery is far more powerful than I dared to comprehend. So magically relevant to my work and project, well beyond my dreams.

Who? Russell Morris.
Which song? Wings of an Eagle.
What do you feel this song is about?

Listen here https://youtu.be/nzZXKdY50y0

More soon… in the time this takes to come full circle.

Our universal life plan always develops in the perfect order.

I received many magical, amazing, boring but crucial, simple, profound and unbelievable messages of guidance over the last ten years, since I woke up to their existence. Some things take a long time to fall into place. Linear time is a human concept which is only valid here, by nature most of us struggle to submit to universal timing. We often force events, or obsess making us feel we failed or are less than worthy when the simple fact is, our timing is out.
The ideal scenario is acquiring a philosophical attitude of “what will be, will be“.
Toni x
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