6 part series to Develop Your Senses FREE

Processed with MoldivWelcome to this series of FREE lessons by Toni Reilly on how to develop your innate intuition and sixth senses. Each Lesson is a 20 minute audio session.  Click on the links to listen.

This series of six lessons guides you to DEVELOP YOUR SENSES.  Sixth senses are innate in all of us and when we learn and embrace our own unique and strongest ones we'll be all set to use our intuition in daily life.

Intuition enhances your professional capacity too, if you work with people the ability to tune to them will intensify.

Starting with Part 1 The Power of Meditation When you feel drawn to develop your intuition and sixth senses the most powerful and beneficial practice you can do is meditate.

The liberating outcome of meditation is self-awareness, that means becoming confident, trusting and ultimately more content and tolerant.

Part 1 The Power of Meditation
Part 2 Guided Visualisation for Meditation
Part 3 The Six Senses
Part 4 Energies
Part 5 Tools 
Part 6 Colour The Universal Energy

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