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If you have ever wanted to increase your intuition in a supportive environment, help others find their purpose while you live yours, if you are soul searching or interested in being a professional counsellor, intuitive reader or regression therapist… then you are in the right place.

Since 2006, I have been helping people like you open up their awareness and embrace their unique abilities. Despite what some new age spiritual teachers say, we are all born with our own intuitive senses and they can be used in your everyday life.

When you start to walk the spiritual path, you will experience an overwhelming array of conflicting information. My purpose in life is to guide you through the clutter and the fear based B.S.  This way you can avoid the pit falls and accelerate development of your sixth senses.  Your journey up until now has been hard enough… let’s make the rest of your path as easy and smooth as it can be with modern day visionary Toni Reilly and the Toni Reilly Institute.

Toni Reilly is Australia’s acclaimed teacher and facilitator of  Past Life Regression Therapy. Her unique methods used for SoulLife™ Regression explores past lives, between lives, current life or a unique spiritual experience such as visiting a past over loved one. Toni teaches around Australia and Internationally.   SoulLife™ Guidance with Toni calls on her heightened intuition to provide you affirmation, clarity and strategy to take control of your life's potential.



If you are looking for Toni’s self-healing and regression workshops, talks and presentations or her seminars and special guest appearances… then you are in the right place. Toni regularly travels between Australia and the U.S. To see when she is in a location near you…

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Diploma Course


Toni's visionary SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma program is the only certified intuitive professional training course of its kind in the World.  To be a great Holistic Practitioner you benefit from a delicate balance of skills, techniques, compassion and mindset. You deserve…

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Regression Workshop


Self Healing with Regression is Toni's world renowned experiential workshop designed to access your past life memories and communicate with your soul.  Change your life,  realise self-worth and feel empowered or eliminate fears and phobias, clear physical symptoms or understand relationships, connections and emotional reactions.

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A Look Within - Radio

A Look Within – Conversations with Toni Reilly is the best place for hear about real life experiences and spirituality. Toni has a unique gift of being able to share challenging concepts and knowledge in a way to raise your awareness. She does this in a supportive and compassionate way so you know you are not alone.  To listen to the latest episode or…

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Toni's Blog

Grieving has no set time frame
November 11, 2015

GRIEF AND LOSS arises for us over all sorts of adjustments other than losing. Continue reading

Intuition is standard issue
November 11, 2015
We all have the ultimate mentor and guidance built in, at our disposal at any given. Continue reading
Cutting cords fosters unrealistic expectations
August 17, 2015

Cutting cords is a term presented as a means for healing. While it may. Continue reading


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