Toni Reilly a modern day visionary who founded SoulLife™ Psychology an intuitive approach to profoundly improve emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Toni is Australia’s Internationally acclaimed teacher and facilitator of SoulLife™ Regression Therapy. Using her unique methods to explore past, in-between and current life memories or visits passed over loved ones to create a connection with your soul plan, so that you feel ready to take charge and arrive at contentment in life and are equipped to make the most of being here.

Toni has been helping people like you open up their awareness and embrace their unique abilities. Your journey up until now may have been hard… let’s make the rest as easy and smooth as it can be.

SoulLIfe™ Regression Workshop

SoulLife™ Regression is Toni's world renowned experiential workshop to show you the power in exploring your past life memories to communicate with your soul.  Realise self-worth, feel empowered, eliminate fears & phobias, heal physical symptoms, understand relationships, and more.
Sydney 24 Jul 2016
Hawaii 2017 - TBA

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SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma

Toni's visionary SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma  7 day retreat program is the only certified intuitive professional training course of its kind in the World.  To be a great Holistic Practitioner you benefit from a delicate balance of skills, techniques, compassion and mindset. You deserve…
Sydney 5-11 Sep 2016

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