There are events coming up across Australia and in the USA. Self healing and regression workshops, talks and presentations. Seminars, special guest appearances, product launches and professional training and personal development courses  Visit the events page to view upcoming events.  This area updates frequently so keep your eye on it.

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The Toni Reilly Institute was founded in 2009 to develop and present practical courses for personal and professional development. The courses and workshops are formulated to be easy to digest and integrate in to real life and always feature an experiential component as we believe that experiencing is the best way to learn.  Toni pioneered a new way in therapeutic healing with SoulLife™ Psychology.

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A Look Within - Radio

A Look Within – Conversations with Toni Reilly are archived segments from my radio show. We feature guests who bring something to make a difference, for our listeners, to give them something to think about or integrate into their lives.  I love to share with listeners my stories and experiences so that you don’t feel so alone with things you feel and have done.

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