PASSION 1 Action SoulLife™ Philosophy
January 29, 2017

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PROGRESS 7 Practical SoulLife™ Philosophy
January 29, 2017

PROGRESS The way forward can be frustrating when it doesn't happen quickly enough... still,. Continue reading

Toni Reilly founded SoulLife™ Psychology, an intuitive approach for personal transformation to profoundly improve emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.  

SoulLife™ Philosophy and techniques are for practitioners and personal development for people who want to enhance their sixth sense and overcome emotional bruises at the core.

SoulLIfe™ Leadership

An intuitive approach for working women Operating at capacity professionally or personally requires awareness of innate traits, strengths and challenges. Resulting in empowered individuals who ripple positive energy through the whole Company or an an entrepreneur increasing performance.
Gold Coast 20 - 22 Apr 2017

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SoulLife™ Magic

Life map to happiness through regression explore past lives and visit the SoulLife realm. You'll feel at home as you increase your intuitive development and personal growth by overcoming obstacles of emotional turmoil, physical symptoms or mental anguish.
Melbourne 13 May 2017

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SoulLife™ Psychology

Conscious Practitioner Diploma retreat program is the only certified intuitive professional training course of its kind in the World.  To be a great Practitioner you benefit from a delicate balance of skills, techniques, compassion and mindset. You deserve…
Sydney 4-10 Sep 2017

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Toni is Australia’s Internationally acclaimed teacher and facilitator of SoulLife™ Regression. Using her unique methods you can explore past lives, in-between the SoulLife realm and current life memories.  Visit passed over loved ones.  Connect with your soul plan, so that you feel ready to take charge in life fully equipped to make the most of it.  Toni has been helping people like you open up their awareness and embrace their unique abilities. Your journey up until now may have been hard… let’s make the rest as easy and smooth as it can be.

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